Belfarmacom Ltd. – It is a modern and dynamically developing company in the market of producers and suppliers of veterinary preparation in Russia, specializing in the production of original and reproduced (“generic”) preparations, feed additives, tools for livestock and poultry. This is a modern Russian enterprise with high culture of management based on the technology of management by objectives and high-tech manufacturing in accordance with international GMP standard.

At the time of company establishment Belgorod already was “meat capital of Russia” – the leader in the meat production in the country, but it does not have its major production of veterinary preparations. Almost all veterinary preparations used were imported, a small percentage of supply from producers from other regions of Russia.
Belfarmacom Ltd. was one of the first to launch production at the Severny industrial park in the Belgorod Region. In May 2014, Belfarmacom opened a new modern production of veterinary drugs in the Severny industrial park, equipped with the most modern equipment, laboratories, warehouses, office and residential areas, and has a fleet for delivering products.

Today, the company works with more than 200 poultry farms and pig farms, as well as livestock farms in almost all regions of Russia, exports to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Oman, Iraq, Egypt. The company plans to expand the geography of exports. At the final stage of registration are Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines.

The production fully complies with GMP standard with capacity up to 1.2 mln. liters of non-sterile liquid forms of veterinary preparations in a year. The company has a team with experience in financial, marketing, information and in industrial areas. The staff of the scientific department consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of pharmacology, chemistry and veterinary medicine.

So far, thanks to the laboratories and high-level professionals Belfarmacom has fourteen registered veterinary preparations, two of which protected by patent: “Libekrin” and “Rumisol.” All products are many times proven to be effective on the production sites of the biggest Russian agricultural holdings that produce pork and poultry. We have received a certificate of trademark for Belfarmacom and “Rumisol.” We have received positive solutions of FIPS (Federal Institute for Industrial Design Rights) for a certificate of trademark for products “Vigoton” and “Macrodox 200”. Currently, the products portfolio of the company Belfarmacom has fourteen registered products and ten preparations are under development: two of them at the stage of the registration dossier, three of them at the stage of clinical trials, three of them at the stage of completion of preclinical trials, two of them at stage of structure development.

The company Belfarmacom Ltd. appreciates the time of its customers that is why for the first time ever in Russia has developed an electronic guide with automated calculation of doses for each of the products sold. Using this program, you can quickly calculate the dosage of the preparation use per day, the total amount of the preparation needed for livestock, its cost, and the cost per head, which helps customers quickly understand the efficient technology of the preparation and make a purchase order.

The company Belfarmacom has the exclusives distributors in the Azerbaijan – "Gabala Agro" LLC., in the OMAN – AIkhatry Trading Enterprises, in the Iraq – Shatt`aa AlSiba, Agricultural Investments Limited, in the Egypt – Rvet for import and export.
The company’s management sees the main emphasis in the development of the research activities. The main aim of the company Belfarmacom is to become one of the leading manufacturers of veterinary preparations in Russia in short time. Even today, the company Belfarmacom promoting their products on the home and foreign markets makes a worthy contribution to the development of the national veterinary pharmaceuticals.