Registration number: ПВР-2-30-11/02784 * – Conclusive statement of SSINRRIVV&M of RAAS, Pokrov, 2018
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  • High performance and range of application
  • Saves the properties after freezing and further melting
  • Do not damage the treated surfaces


CHISTOBEL – It has antimicrobial activity against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria (including Mycobacterium tuberculosis), viruses (including hepatitis viruses, the virus Finn birds, chicken’s infectious anemia, hen’s infectious bursal disease and poultry’s reoviruses infection, respiratory reproductive syndrome and classical swine fever, foot and mouth disease, porcine circovirus, AIDS virus and HIV, poliomyelitis, influenza virus, adenovirus) and fungi (including fungi of the genus Candida, Dermatophytes, yeasts).

CHISTOBEL has been tested efficiency against the pathogen of African swine fever successfully.

CHISTOBEL belongs to hazard category 3 substance by the degree of influence (the 3rd class of danger according to GOST 12.1.007-76).

CHISTOBEL does not have the skin-resorptive and sensitizing power; it does not indicate mutagenic, embryotoxic, teratogenic and carcinogenic effects. The product does not cause corrosion, does not damage the treated surface, does not capture organic selection and not discolor the fabric. The product is not compatible with soap, anionic surfactants and detergents.


To carry out preventive and forced disinfection of veterinary supervision objects, including:

livestock, poultry and animal-breeding facilities with technological equipment, auxiliary facilities (including incubators, egg stores), dairy units and the feeding center, sanitary equipment, sanitary slaughter, open facilities (ramps, ramp extension, platform), containers and clothing;

production facilities, technological equipment and territory of biological, food, processing industry enterprises, as well as containers, clothing and items of care for the animals;

transport facilities (including road, rail, water and air transport used for transportation of animals and birds, as well as raw materials and products of animal origin);

veterinary clinics (stations), laboratories, a vivarium, circuses and zoos.



Preventive disinfection of objects with a smooth surface at a concentration of 0.25% at a rate of 0.25 l / m2 and 20 min exposure. Rough surfaces in a concentration of 0.25% at a rate of 0.35 l / m2 and 30 min exposure. Forced disinfection (current and final)

bacterial infectious diseases and viral etiology (including TB) object with a smooth surface at a concentration of 0.5% at a rate of 0.5 l/m2 Exposure

For 1 hour. Cleaning and disinfection of small tools and utensils – immersion for 30 minutes in a bath with a 0.3% solution of funds, followed by washing with water. Cleaning and disinfection of large equipment (carts, boxes, etc.) as metal and wood – 0.4% solution of irrigation means. Objects that are not in contact with food raw materials (electric instrument, equipment for removal of pen and others.) Disinfected 30 minutes 0.4% solution Chistobel followed by washing with cold water.